Hello, welcome to ‘Love to do sewing’. My name is Marie and I’m a sewing enthusiast. Sewing was my passion since my childhood and now I think is the best time to create a platform so that others could also benefit from my hobby.
Now let me tell you some more about my hobby. I started taking interest in sewing since I was very small. Whenever I bought dolls, I used to inspect their clothes and tried to create some pieces for them. I started sewing nice clothes quickly as I had the passion to learn and explore the art of sewing. Over the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge as I got chance to take lessons from sewing institutes and then worked in boutiques too. I know everything regarding sewing, the techniques, embroidery, about fabrics, and designing too.
If you’re interested in sewing, you must give it more time and explore the beauty of this hobby. But let me tell you whether you’re a beginner or a pro you’ll always need some tips as there is always a room for improvement with this hobby. If you want to ask anything, feel free to contact me through my site. I’m very responsive and I try and answer to everyone regarding their sewing queries.

Why sewing can be one of your best hobbies?

If you are thinking to start a new hobby, I will suggest you to choose sewing. Only in some days you’ll start falling in love with this hobby like me, and then you’ll get addicted to it. This hobby is an amazing one to start out whether you’re young or old. The good thing is that, contrary to other hobbies, it will save your money and fill your wardrobe. Sewing is a very beneficial and rewarding hobby and it has mental benefits too.
Some people consider it as a dying art, but people like me and you are the ones who can keep it alive. You know damaged and torn clothes are in every house and they mostly go to bins. However, if you think wisely, you can use them by repairing or altering. One of the best things that sewing teaches you is that you have a hidden talent in you. You can improve your skills and creativity and use your time constructively. Also, sewing has been associated with reducing depression, stress and anxiety as it allows you to forget about other things and focus on your mind and body. Need any more explanation? Come join with me and start learning today, I will be more than glad to have you as a partner for my sewing hobby.