Brother Sewing Machine: Well, here we are to help you decide the best accessories for your sewing hobby. You must have known that Brother Sewing Machines have a history of more than 100 years and it is very popular among the sewing enthusiasts because of their easy to use features and good quality. The good thing is that they have a plethora of Brother Sewing Machine Accessories that can make your project even more beautiful and attractive. Following are some of these accessories which you must own if you want your project to be unique and aesthetically pleasing:

Is sewing your passion? Do you own a Brother Sewing Machine?

Embroidery thread sets:

If you are willing to create colorful and beautiful embroidery, the Brother County Threads are perfect to start with. These are good for creating heirloom and country style embroidery. The thread set consists of 21 colors and each spool has 300 meters of 60 wt. and they are made up of twisted and doubled short polyester fabric. These threads look very beautiful as they don’t shrink at the seams.

Embroidery frames:

Embroidery frames are very handy if you want to create some beautiful embroidery pieces. There are a variety of embroidery frames available by Brother which includes small, medium, and large ones. Embroidery frames can be very helpful for decorating, crafting, quilting, and garment construction. There are rectangle and circle embroidery frames that you can choose according to your preference.

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Embroidery designs:

This is one of the best Brother Sewing Machine Accessories as it allows you to create a variety of beautiful and alluring patterns. Using the Brother 3D Combination Motifs Embroidery Collection USB memory stick, you will be able to create inspiring designs. The kit is very easy to follow as there are clear instructions given. The kit will allow you to create your custom embellishments easily.

Sewing Machine Feet:

Brother Sewing Machine feet is ideal for garment construction. If you do a lot of quilting, then you must have a Brother Sewing Machine Feet. There are a variety of sewing machine feet that you can choose according to your sewing hobby. If you do quilting, you must have a walking foot with a free motion foot and a ¼’’ piecing foot. If you are into garment construction you can get overlock, piping, invisible zipper, narrow hem, nonstick feet, seam guide, and a side cutter.

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Machine Extension Table:

Brother Sewing Machine Extension Table is very handy particularly if you’re working on a bulky and large project. The Brother Sewing Machine Extension Table will help you keep everything in control so that you do your job without creating a mess. This Extension table will attach very easily to your Brother sewing machine and make it easier for you to complete your large sewing and quilting projects neatly. There are different extension tables for different models of sewing machines and thus it is necessary to check the compatibility before buying one.

5 Piece Presser Foot Kit:

The 5 piece presser foot kit is compatible with most of the low shank Brother machines. This is a complete kit that consists of adjustable zip/piping foot, freehand quilting/embroidery foot, gathering foot, straight stitch foot, and quilting foot. The presser foot kits are also compatible with particular models and thus it is necessary to check this thing before buying. This kit is, however, designed to suit most of the Brother sewing machines. This foot kit is very useful for basic mending and elastic insertion tasks. The foot has a wide needle slot that allows you to sew wide stitches easily.