DIY sewing machine: Are you thinking to start a sewing hobby? Confused about where to begin? We are here with some tricks and ideas to make your sewing projects look more beautiful. Sewing is an enjoyable hobby and it allows you to practice and give way to your creativity.

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In this post, we’ll teach you how to create some unique and subtle projects with your sewing machine. If you need another solution, XR9550PRW is a great option.

Best DIY Sewing Machine Projects:

Creating beautiful pieces of art is not easy when you have all the supplies at hand. The projects that we’re going to share in this post are not only amazing and easy to make, but they are very interesting too. For a DIY sewing machine.

Materials Needed:

To sew these cute Disney projects, all you need is the following stuff:

  • Brother Disney Sewing Machine
  • Fabric pieces of various different colors
  • Brother threads of different colors
  • Brother Embroidery cards
  • Zipper, ribbons, and laces
  • Any light fabric for lining

1. Minnie Mouse Purse:

You can easily create this cute and stylish Minnie Mouse Purse using your sewing machine. This is a lightweight and simple bag and is good for taking it along for a walk in the park.

Supplies and materials:

To design this, all you need to have is:

  • Polka dot fabric
  • lining material
  • good quality zippers
  • black felt
  • cardboard
  • Ribbon


Now follow these steps to sew the purse using your sewing machine:

  • Make circles on the black felt and cut them out. To make the ears of the purse thicker, cut four felt circles for each ear.
  • Cut cardboard circles too so that you place them in between the felt pieces to give a firm look.
  • Stick the cardboard circles to the felt circles using glue. After you apply glue, allow them to rest for 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Now take your sewing machine and sew the ears from the borders.
  • Cut two big circles of the polka dot fabric and two big circles of the felt fabric too. Now sew the cloth fabric, felt, and the lining together to make two separate sides of the purse.
  • Now attach the zipper to the top of the two joined pieces of the fabric.Related: See our list of the best sewing machines to choose the right model according to your needs.

2. Disney Jacket:

This is another alluring sewing project which you can create using the Brother Disney Sewing Machines. If you’re a sewing geek, you’ll have this jacket made in only some hours.

Supplies and materials:

  • Red, yellow, and Blue fabric pieces
  • Muslin for backing
  • Lining
  • Zipper and ribbing if needed
  • Brother embroidery cards
  • Cut-away heavyweight stabilizer


  • To cut out the pieces of fabric you’ll need to first draw the sleeves and the body on a large paper. Also, draw the blocks that you want to embroider.
  • Now cut the pieces of fabric for embroidery. Also, choose the stabilizer accordingly.
  • Now put the embroidered pieces on the muslin and sew the edges together.
  • You can make a tape to design the color block look or use the tube turners too.
  • Create the block effect by topstitching.
  • The rest of the jacket is sewn in the same manner as a shirt piece is sewn. If you’re a pro you will do this in some hours easily.