Are you looking to create something high end and fashionable but you can’t get the results with the current machine you own? Do you need a machine that will give you the ability to freely work on all kinds of sewing projects and create special stitches and buttonholes you like? Also, if you are looking for an affordable sewing machine that allows you to be versatile during the sewing projects, you should buy the Brother Project Runaway CS5055PRW.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

It is a sewing machine that offers incredible sewing options and is also cheaper than many other machines on the market. With the speed of 850 stitches per minute, you will finish whatever you start in a day.

Features of Brother Project Runaway CS5055PRW

What we like is the colour-coded chart for stitches on the machine. For those people who are new to stitching and using the sewing machines, it makes it easy to sew and quilt. It is hard for beginners to remember the stitches and codes. You will find an embedded stitching chart on the machine helps them know the type of stitch they are performing. It is how this machine makes the sewing easy.

You will also find these ordinal features using this machine

  • It offers an easy bobbin winding mechanism
  • It also has an exceptional feed system. It makes the fabric smoothly move so that you can get every stitch in perfect order
  • It also has a drop feed for free motion quilting
  • It comes with the five one-stop buttonholes that allow you to create consistent and neat buttonholes.
  • It comes with decorative stitches, quilting stitches, garment construction stitches, and heirloom stitches.
  • The machine has a compact design. It is easy to handle and use. You can use all the features of the machine without any difficulty
The work area is bright. You will get an LED over the work area which makes it easy to see what’s going on. It allows you to have all the details and also perfect for sewing the darker fabrics.

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What are the advantages of using the Brother Project Runaway CS5055PRW?

Giving the price, we did not expect too much form this sewing machine. However, it offered us amazing features and ease of use. With the stitching speed of 850 stitches per minute, what else can you expect from a machine? The thread controls, the automatic thread tension, and bobbin winding mechanism, all in one! You can perform your sewing chores without any hesitation. Also, the different types of stitches allow you to complete various sewing projects which involve decorative stitching, heirloom stitching, garment construction and also special quilting stitches. You will have everything you need in this machine. It also has a dual language user manual, which makes the machine easy to understand. So, what are you waiting for, buy this machine on Amazon?