Do you want to buy a good computerized sewing machine for the first time and don’t know which one to opt for?

There are many reasons that brother sewing machines are considered best in the market. They produce professional and durable sewing machines that will transform your sewing experience completely.

Of course, sewing machines have been around for quite some time  and most of us have operated on them at some point in our life. As is the matter with most things, sewing machines have also evolved and become computerized with improved performance.

History of Brothers sewing machines

Brother Industries is a Japanese multinational company that started offering sewing machine parts and repair services in 1908 by the name of Yasui sewing and Co.

The company launched its first product in 1928 with a chain stitch sewing machine. This machine was used to produce straw hats. At the time, it got very popular because of its sturdiness and strong body.

In 1932, the brother industry started mass production of sewing machines and the credit goes to Jistuichi Yasui who developed shuttle hooks.

The first ever brother computerized sewing machine was developed in 1979 by the name of ZZ3-B820 “OPUS 8”.

After that, these machines became the leader in the sewing machine industry and has been introducing cutting edge technologies in sewing machines.

Recently, brother industry revealed their new latest luminaire in Nov-is XP 1 which is computerized sewing/embroidery/quilting machine. It uses stitch vision technology to monitor the stitch accurately which results in perfect embroidery and stitches.

What is a computerized sewing machine and how does it work?

A computerized sewing machine is an evolved form of the mechanical sewing machine. In the computerized machine, everything is controlled by a computer like a needle bar, the discs, and other various parts.

Computerized  machines are ideal for embroidery and quilting purpose. You can choose from several different embroidery patterns that are already fed into the computer. You can even download your favorite embroidery pattern from the internet.

How these machines works

The beauty of these machines is that they can create complex embroidery patterns precisely and neatly. Here is how it works.

Almost every one of these machines have a broad work area compared to normal machines, the fabric is held in place needle assembly in this work area. Several sensors are placed in different positions which then communicates with the computer about the position of different machine parts.

Brother Sewing Machines

They will accurately moves the working area backward and forward and side by side while simultaneously shuffling the needle assembly, creating a series of complex stitches according to the selected pattern.

The sewer himself doesn’t have much to do except for loading the stitch patterns or change the thread when asked by computer, Which is the main reason it can be used by beginners too.

It supports a small monitor display with bright LED lights. It has different control options and is fairly easy to use by anyone.

These machines can alter your life in 4 ways

If you are into designing clothes or quilting and want to take it to the professional level or even if you want to create stylish designs for your family and friends, then this computerized machine is what exactly what you need.

Read on to find out how the brother sewing machine can enhance your sewing experience.

1. Quilting for kids/business

Brother sewing machines are considered best for quilting by many users. Apart from sewing and embroidery, it is ideal for quilt designs. You can make an adorable quilt pattern for your kids or even start a business with this professional machine by your side.

2. Fashion designing

The Brother sewing machine is a favorite sewing machine brand among many professional fashion designers. If you love designing clothes and even reuse your old clothes in a different style, then you will be happy to have a brother sewing machine by your side.

3. Fun Activities with kids

It’s so important to teach our kids these life skills that can prove useful in the future. Brother machine is easy to use and operate so you can engage your kids in sewing activities alongside. It will be a fun little project where you can design a quilt or make an embroidered cushion covers etc. Options are endless with these computerized machines.

You can make fancy embroidered clothes for your little ones, no need to spend hundreds of bucks on expensive designer wear now.

4. Repair your clothes

Sometimes it happens that your clothes get ripped off and it’s your favorite shirt or jeans. You don’t want to throw it away. You can easily repair and remodel your used clothes by sewing embroidery patch on the damaged part and give it a whole new look.


With such machines, you have endless options to boost up your fashion game and rock your outfits.

Happy sewing, sewers!