Are you looking for a sewing machine that allows not only sewing but will give you full access for quilting? You should get hands on the Brother XR2774 which is both a swing and a quilting machine. It is a great model that you can use for these projects. It is versatile and has several features that will amaze you. It also comes with several accessories that you can utilize during sewing or quilting projects. It is one of the least expensive sewing machines that you can buy on the market. It has a total of 74 stitches which you can select to sew or quilt. It is also one of the speediest machines which provide a great stitching speed. No matter you are a beginner or an expert, this machine will work fine for you.

Features of Brother XR2774 sewing machine

The very first feature that we like on this sewing machine is the speed. With this machine, you get an amazing 800 stitches per minute. Now you can finish your quilting projects in no time. This speed matches with the number of stitches you have. It has a total of 74 stitches combination that you can use, and 37 are decorative stitches. These are all pre-programmed stitches, and you have to select one, and the machine will start stitching. As it is a quilting machine, it also includes several special quilting stitches. Now you do not have to rely on ordinary stitches for your quilting needs. This machine will help you with your quilting projects with special quilting stitches.

You will also find these ordinal features using this machine

  • It has an easy stitch selector. It is a dial that you can use to select the type of stitch you need
  • It comes with an extra large quilting table
  • It has an automatic needle threader
  • Includes eight sewing feet
  • Custom buttonhole
  • Stitching speed is 800 stitches per minute
When you look at the machine, you will realize it is for stitching and quilting. The extra large table makes it easy to manage the quilting projects. The brightly-lit work area makes it easy to sew and quilt.

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What is the advantage of using the Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Quilting Machine?

What we loved about this machine were the custom buttonholes. Now you can create custom-sized buttonholes using the one-step buttonhole. It makes the sewing projects versatile. You do not have to rely on the fixed-sized buttonholes. You can create your size.

Another thing that we liked was the extendable work area. With this wide table extension, you can work on your quilting projects without any problem. Having an extension table is expensive. But you do not have to worry; this extension table comes within the price of the machine. If you want a machine that you use for several years to come, you should buy the Brother XR3774.