Sewing projects are awesome, moreover projects that can be done in one sitting are great. It feels so productive to have one project done under an hour or so. That too, if it’s a decorative or practical project like a cushion cover or a bag. Specially if you have a handy machine, like the impressive Tradition 2277 by Singer. I feel it’s the most practical machine ever, its easy to use and very competent as well.

Here are 10 brilliant projects that you can do quick and easy with your sewing machine.

Laptop Sleeve:

If you have a fancy laptop, and you really need a cover for that, a laptop sleeve is the perfect thing to sew. What I find amazing is that you can do a lot of fun designs. Since its pretty cheap to make a laptop sleeve, with a handy machine.

All you need is two different fabrics one for the covering and one for cushioning. Measure the device, cut out the fabric with an inch to spare at each side. Place your device on the material after cutting it, and pin the sides, sew the pinned sized and flip the cover inside out. and you are done, the perfect cushioned laptop sleeve is ready.

Stylish Tote:

Everyone loves Tote bags; they are the best when to comes to accommodating everything. you can carry your laptop as well as your books and what not in a tote. Select a good pattern, and start sewing. Wipe the dust off your sewing machine and have some fun. All you need is your tote fabric, cut the pieces in diameters of 17 inches wide by 8 inches long for the bottom of the tote. And pieces in diameter of 17 inches wide by 12 inches long for your top half. For straps cut two pieces in diameter of 31 inches by 4 inches.

For thick cloth if you need sturdy straps. Place the cloth inside out and sew it. You can also browse the internet for the proper tutorial as well. Once you have sewn the whole thing, flip it and done. Add the straps next. And enjoy your tote.

Handy Sewing Machine

Drawstring Bag:

This cute little drawstring bag is so easy to make, that you can easily do it with your kids or make it a class project for your pupils. Select fun printed fabric for your bags and start by cutting the fabric. You will need two side measuring 10 by 13 inches as well as 1 yard of ribbon string. Print the stitching pattern online and stitch away. A drawstring bag can keep all your small stuff or your stationary in one place.

Keychain holder with a Surprise Pocket:

A keychain holder is such a cute thing to add to your keys or bag. Well you can add a little twist to your simple keychain holder by adding a small pocket to keep your Chapstick. Isn’t that an innovative idea? One of the best advantages of having a sewing machine is that you can make small projects in less than an hour.

With your competent swing machine, the time flies by and you get a productive and practical item in your hand. Get a fun fabric such as polka dots or animal print. Cut your fabric according to the printable instructions and have a small but practical keychain holder in no time.