Heavy duty sewing machines are designed specifically for the professionals. These machines are of professional grade and they can be used to stitch thick and heavy fabrics on an industrial scale. The heavy duty sewing machines are very durable and you can use them to stitch heavy fabrics on a regular and consistent basis.

These machines are quite tough as compared to the regular sewing machines as they are used for large projects. They are designed differently as compared to the regular machines and they require less maintenance too. We have reviewed the Singer Tradition 2277 here.

If you’re looking forward to buy a heavy duty machine, this guide will help you choose one according to your requirements.

How to choose the best heavy duty sewing machine:

A heavy duty sewing machine has every single component designed for professional uses. The heavy duty sewing machines have stronger motors, new technology, resilient parts, and a lot of other features that make large and difficult projects easier. While you are going out to buy a heavy duty sewing machine, you must look out for some important factors. Following are the features that you should look or in a heavy duty sewing machine:

1. Sewing speed:

A heavy duty sewing machine should be very fast and it should possess the power of sewing anything whether it’s hard or soft fabric. A heavy duty machine should be able to stitch between 800 and 1300 stitches per minute. The fast stitching speed will allow you to sew hard fabrics in a moment’s notice easily. The Singer Heavy duty sewing machine 4432 is ideal or stitching large projects as it has very high stitching speed, that is 1100 stitches per minute.

2. Heavy duty:

A heavy duty sewing machine should be rigid, sturdy, and heavy and all the parts should be of top quality. This type of machine should have all the parts made up of heavy duty materials so that it can easily drive its needle through thick and rigid fabrics. If you want your machine to handle the thicker fabrics easily, you must go for the machine that weighs at least more than 10 or 20 pounds.

singer heavy duty

A heavy duty sewing machine should be sturdily built and should have a strong frame. The parts of the machine should be made up of stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. A heavy machine is always less portable because of its weight. These machines are not the ones that are to be taken along on the go. So if you want something portable, you should go for the regular machines.

3. Versatility:

Versatility is another feature that you should look for in a heavy duty sewing machine. The fashion industry is changing at a rapid pace and newer designs are being introduced. To sew a beautifully designed outfit or fabric, you’ll need a heavy duty machine that is very versatile. There are many features that can tell you about the versatility of a sewing machine such as automatic tension, automatic needle threader, LED lit work area, high sewing speed, stitch options, drop-in bobbin system, and quilting options.

4. Accessories:

Heavy duty sewing options are too much customizeble because of the useful attachments available. You should look for the complementary attachments such as buttonholes, presser feet, travel bag, wooden base, and free arm. It isn’t necessary that a heavy duty sewing machine should be equipped with lots of accessories, but whatever they are they should be useful. The Singer heavy duty sewing machine 4432 is equipped with a lot of accessories to make the use easier. The Singer sewing machine is equipped with spool caps, general purpose foot, spool pin felt, zipper foot, pack of needles, bobbins, and lots of other accessories.