Singer Curvy 8763 reviews provide you the best information about the product. Opting for sewing as a recreational activity is always great, you get to learn a useful skill and remain energetic simultaneously. Sewing teaches you to be focused and calm while you complete your job. For this same reason, our grandmothers and mothers always encourage us to take up some stitching classes and do pretty DIYs for our home. 

However, the art of sewing becomes more delightful when you have the best machine at your disposal. The machine which lets you experiment with various kinds of fabric and doesn’t ditch you midway. Fortunately, singer curvy 8763 is one such machine that fulfills all purposes.

Singer Curvy 8763 All-In-One Machine

The singer has been an industry leader since 1851, and sewers from across the globe admire singer machines. That’s the reason I have compiled this singer curvy 8763 reviews and jotted down its aspects in an easy-to-understand manner for you.

So, let’s delve in and find some interesting facts about this remarkable sewing machine:


  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • 30 stitch styles
  • Weighs 17lbs
  • 2 automatic 1-step buttonholes
  • Drop and sew bobbin system
  • All-purpose presser foot
  • Removable free-arm
  • Knob for adjusting the tension
  • Extra high-pressure foot lifte
    • Swift smart threading
    • Creative stitch styles
    • 3 stay bright LED lights
    • Ergonomic interface
    • Easy-to-wind bobbin head
    • Automatic threading
    • Alterable stitch size
    • Manual and instructional DVD included
    • 25 years warranty
      • No case included
      • Not for advanced level sewers

Singer Curvy 8763 reviews has a brilliant sewing speed of 1300 stitches per second, which is almost every sewer’s wish. It will save your time and energy alike and let you complete formerly time-taking stitching projects quickly and comfortably.

This marvelous machine offers 30 marvelous stitch styles so that you can show your creativity through different items and make home décor, curtains, quilts, and dresses as per your choice.

Selecting different stitches and sewing speed is also convenient with the ergonomic user interface. There’s a large user interface on the singer curvy 8763 machine, which includes styles and speed buttons and lets you alter them quickly.

Its swift, the smart threading system will save your time and won’t bother you if your eyesight is weak, and seeing through a small needle is problematic for you. Moreover, winding and unwinding its bobbin is effortless. You fill the bobbin with thread, drop it inside, and start sewing — no need to set the bobbin thread and position repetitively, unlike old machines.

You’ll get a knob for adjusting sewing thread’s tension as the required pressure varies according to the type of fabric. Thick and slippery fabric requires more tension than cotton fabric, and hence, you have to alter this tension every time.

An all-purpose presser foot will come with the machine which fits in easily and helps you complete difficult sewing tasks.

The removable free-arm allows you to reach hard-to-sew areas, i.e., cuffs, underarms, and leg joints. This arm is quick to attach/detach and never disturbs your hand while you move the fabric.

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Although there is no hard carrying case included (which is quite a downside), a sturdy handle makes it’s hauling comfortable. The singer curvy 8763 machines come with a loose-fitting outer cover which protects the needles and presser foot from dust and rust.

Additionally, a slight dust cover, seam ripper, cleaning brush, and numerous useful accessories are included in the package as well.

Singer curvy 8763 manual and instructional DVD will help you in setting and learning this machine without struggling much and enable you to pace up your sewing endeavor.

Making buttonholes was never as easy as singer curvy 8763 has made it. There are two automatic 1-step buttonholes available in this machine, which will help you sew jackets, shirts, and pouches as it’s a bit difficult when you have to visit a store for getting done the buttonholes.

Keeping the sewing process comfortable has always been a singer’s priority. The three stay-bright LED lights will never make sewing tiring and boring for you. Even if you wear spectacles, these vivid LED lights will illuminate your sewing area and keep your eyes strain-free.

Singer curvy 8763 is the most inexpensive machine you can get with so many incredible features and an easy-to-carry body.

Final words

This singer curvy 8763 reviews was aimed to shed thorough light on its positive and negative aspects and help you make a quick decision for your new sewing venture. It is a wholesome package for beginner to intermediate level sewers loaded with the exceptional speed of 1300 stitches per minute, 30 creative stitch styles, and a comfortable user interface.

Also, setting and operating it is effortless as an easy-to-comprehend singer curvy 8763 manual and instructional DVD are also there to facilitate you. So, give your mother a surprise by making beautiful costumes and home décor items and spend your free time productively with singer curvy 8763!