Are you trying to learn to sew? Are you in need of a machine that will help you learn sewing? Do you need a sewing machine that has a great design and is also portable? You may also want a machine that comes with a few extra accessories so that you do not have to buy them separately from the market. If yes, then you should get the SINGER Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing Machine. This model of Singer is perfect for beginners. It also has a heavy metal frame which makes it durable. As a beginner, you d not need to use a machine that is not durable. You need something robust so that even you make mistakes; it performs well. It is why the SINGER Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing Machine is perfect for you if you are beginning the sewing career.

Features of SINGER Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing Machine

What we like about this machine is easy to use dials. You get two dials on it. One is for stitch selection, and the other one is for the length of the stitch. As a beginner, you need both these features. You do not need to worry about remembering the stitching code and input to the machine. All you need is to turn the dial and select the type of stitch you want. Also, as a beginner, you need to adjust the length of the stitch and learn how it works. Thanks to the length dial, you can select the length of the stitch you need. It is why this model of Singer is so great. It is a high-quality machine and is perfect for you as a beginner.

You will also find these features using this machine

  • It has an easy to use stitch selector. You can use the dial to select the 19 stitches available on the machine.
  • The design is great
  • It has a built-in 4-step buttonhole
  • It has a metal frame that makes sit durable
  • You get a lot of sewing accessories such as several sewing feet, a screwdriver, foot pedal, instructional manual, and more items.
  • It is easy to use the free-arm machine
  • It has quick threading mechanism
  • Easy to sew thick fabric as it has a metal body that makes it robust and durable
  • Perfect for a beginner
  • Does not have too many stitches
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What is the advantage of using SINGER Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing Machine

What we liked the most about this machine was the inclusion of a high presser foot lifter. You can adjust the height of the presser foot to make it convenient to sew all the fabrics. It allows for easy positioning of the project you are doing.

You get a lot of accessories with this machine, and you do not have to pay any extra money for that. It also has on-aboard storage for accessories. You can use this storage space to store those accessories for easy access.